How to Transfer Money to Your Bank in the PayPal App

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  1. Terrible terrible paying method after signing up a week ago to this service and activated my account with the code they sent me on the bank …. Guess what I m not able to sign in to my account for no reason… I said for no reason I tried to solve this problem for days and nights with a terrible support they have ….
    I hope one day in the future we will have a real alternative to this service cuz most websites accept only this ebank there are some alternative services but unfortunately they are neglected by the big boys who control the internet ….the biggest mistake I made is putting my credit card information in their data base .. What a shame ..

  2. Liars…instant transfer I paid 25 cents for took 24 hrs and an angry call to Indian support person.

  3. I link my bank account and my card doesn't show after I link it when I try transferring.

  4. his is really coolest video.
    Wonderful video thanks for sharing
    with us and making our day more
    beautiful and amzing video. thanks.

  5. Only available in USA?
    How about instant transfer to bank account in Belgium

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